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Craft Laboratories offers absorbent products from some of our most trusted affiliates. Whether you need absorbent pads for cleaning spills, or sweeping compounds for floors, Craft Labs has an absorbent product for you.


ColdForm2 Drum Top Universal Absorbent Pads eliminate the mess that can result from drips & minor spills when dispensing liquids from drums. Pre-cut to fit standard 55 gallon drums including holes for vent & bung fittings making installation fast & easy. Absorb water & petroleum based fluids including oils, gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel. Made with renewable & recycled materials. Size: 22″ Diameter; Packaging: 25 pads/cs


ColdForm2 Oil Only Split Roll Single Side Laminated Pads repel water and absorb 20% more oil-based liquids than comparable polypropylene sorbents. Made from a tough polypropylene spun-bond top cover that reduces lint and increases durability & UV protection over a high-loft, earth-friendly core. Perforated for easy use. Size: 28″ x 150′ roll


ColdForm2 Universal Cellulose Sorbent Pads are the product for cleaning up any water or oil-based spill. These natural products offer both great value & exceptional performance. They are highly versatile, fold easily, can be rolled into a sock, and are soft enough to be used as a wiper. Absorb 30% more water-based fluids than comparable polypropylene sorbents. Fire retardant as per ASTM 726. Size: 18″L x 16″W


Kleen Sweep Oil Based Sweeping Compound is formulated for maximum dust & dirt absorbency, for smooth and easy sweeping. Bright red color is highly visible and produces cleaner floors. Sizing: 50#, 100#, 300#


Oil Dri L90688 Trucker Universal Duffle Spill Kit contains 25 universal pads, 3 socks, tub of plug-n-dike, 3 disposal bags, gloves, goggles and light stick. Plug-n-dike putty quickly seals punctures & cracks, limiting the spill size at the source. All items are packaged in a large draw string nylon bag for flexible, self-contained storage. Ideal for small to medium size spills, capable of absorbing up to 10 gallons of fluid.


Oil-Dri L90850 Oil-Only Heavy Weight Pads repel water while absorbing petroleum based fluids and are ideal for industrial, outdoor, and marine applications. Absorb up to 36 gallons per box. Size: 15″W x 19″L; Packaging: 100 pads/box


Oil-Dri L90890 Oil Absorbent Socks can be used to contain fluid leaks and prevent spills from spreading on the floor. They conform to fit snugly in tight spaces and around corners. Socks will absorb up to 1 quart of fluid per 12 inches of product. Recycled cellulose filling. Size: 3″D x 48″L; Packaging: 40 socks/box


Safe-T-Sorb Premium All-Purpose Oil Absorbent is excellent for quick cleanup of water, oil and grease. Made from montmorillonite, a naturally occurring mineral with superior absorption. Packaged in a leak-resistant, moisture-proof poly bag. One bag will absorb 3.5 gallons of oil or 4.25 gallons of water. Sizing: 50# bag