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Craft Laboratories offers a full line of private label aerosol products formulated for a variety of uses & applications. Whether you need an all purpose cleaner, or a lubricant for loosening nuts & bolts, Craft Labs has an aerosol product for you.



Brake & Parts Cleaner is a non-chlorinated, ultra-low VOC formula for removing brake fluid, grease, and oil. Dries & cleans fast, leaves no residue, and is Hexane free. Sizing: 15 oz./12 can/caseIcon_Exclusive


Foaming Chain and Cable Lubricant is a protectant fortified with Moly that prevents corrosion; is resistant to high pressure & extreme temperature; and withstands harsh chemical environments. Sizing: 15 oz./12 can caseIcon_Exclusive

NewVision New Vision Glass Cleaner is safe on showcases, windows, glass tabletops, mirrors, glass fixtures, and more. Features a fresh, clean fragrance and a 360 degree spray valve. Sizing: 19 oz./12 can/caseIcon_Exclusive
OrangePride Orange Pride is a multi-purpose cleaner with foam action. Simply spray on and wipe off. Features fresh citrus fragrance. Sizing: 19 oz./12 can caseIcon_Exclusive
SafetySolvent Safety Solvent provides a powerful flushing action with no petroleum distillates or CFC. Non-flammable and fast drying. Sizing: 18 oz./12 can/caseIcon_Exclusive

Unique is a lubricant & penetrant that loosens nuts & bolts and prevents rust & corrosion. Non-drying demoisturant. Sizing: 15 oz./12 can/caseIcon_Exclusive