Air Fresheners & Odor Neutralizers

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Craft Laboratories offers a full line of products designed to reduce and/or eliminate odors from the air and on surfaces. Whether you need a product that disinfects while deodorizing, or you simply require an odor neutralizer, Craft Labs has an odor control solution for you.



1525 P Urinal Mat comes in new black color with Fresh Blast fragrance. Includes new & improved backing that grips floor better to prevent sliding, which eliminates the need for tape or Velcro. Contains Fungicide to fight germs and combat odor. Protects floors from stains & uric acid damage.


Microburst 3000 LCD Aerosol Dispenser is half the size of standard aerosol dispensers, but provides 3,000 sprays per refill. Dispenser activates every 7, 14 or 28 minutes and has a 3 year battery life. Simple 1 minute installation maximizes customer convenience and provides immediate results. Cinnamon spice, linen fresh and assorted fragrance refills available.


Reliable Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner is formulated to help remove rust stains & hard water mineral deposits from toilet bowls & urinals. Quickly & effectively loosens build-up as it disinfects & deodorizes. Sizing: 12qt/case


TimeMist Aerosol Dispenser offers a sophisticated design and 30 day refill life. Dispenser activates 15 minutes to provide maximum odor control at a minimum cost. Operates on two C-cell alkaline batteries.


Urinal Screens & Blocks offer an easy way to clean & sanitize urinals. Simply fit screen on urinal to collect debris and avoid clogs. Cleaner & deodorizer with a pleasant fragrance work to keep urinal clean and odor neutralized.


Vanish Non-Acid Bowl & Bathroom Cleaner cleans & disinfects in one step. Neutralizes bacterial & virucidal odor. Safe for tile, grout, fiberglass, and vinyl showers, bathmats or shower curtains. Also proven to clean vinyl awnings, auto & boat covers, and garbage cans. Sizing: 1qt, 6qt/case


X-O RTU Odor Neutralizer is a 100% natural & organic product that removes strong odors from smoke and/or water damage. Instantly & permanently kills odors on all hard Icon_Environmentsurfaces & fabrics. Safe for people, pets and the environment. Sizing: 5g, 55g