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Craft Laboratories offers drain opener & enzyme products from some of our most trusted affiliates. Whether you need an aggressive product for waste treatment plants, or a milder formula to use as an enzymatic cleaner for floors, Craft Labs has a drain opener and/or enzyme product for you.



CPL-50-L from Realzyme is a treatment for troublesome, broken down or chronically overloaded septic tanks, thanks to specifically adapted enzymes and bacteria. The enzyme liquefies crusts and breaks up macromolecules, which are the main sources of malfunction of septic tanks. CPL-50-L ensures that the septic tanks function properly and reduces odors and the need for emptying. Product Color: Light Amber; Sizing: 5L


Degres-L from Realzyme is an odorless enzyme-based cleaner/grease remover for maintaining very greasy surfaces (manual application, via self-washer, cleaning station, etc.). Active, effective cleaner that is free from caustic effects. Product Color: Amber; Sizing: 5L


Degres-P from Realzyme is an extremely powerful enzymatic powder for cleaning cooler hoods, removing starch deposits and pre-soaking of heavily soiled crockery. Deep cleaning action works by immersion. Suitable for all types of surfaces & stains. Sizing: 5kg


Drain Free from Heartland Labs contains unique microbes & enzymes to dissolve built-up soap scum, grease and bacterial slime. Regular monthly use will keep drains, toilets and septic systems free flowing. Non-acid, high alkaline formula is safe for all pipes, plumbing, pets and the environment. Sizing: 12qt/caseIcon_Environment


Enzymousse from Realzyme is an enzymatic foaming detergent used for the cleaning of floors, vertical surfaces and difficult accesses. Ensures an in-depth cleaning thanks to the transformation of the organic stains. Degrades all kind of organic residues including starch, grease and proteins. Sizing: 5L, 25L


Nature’s Solution from National Chemical Laboratories is a multi-functional maintenance product designed for odor control, drain maintenance, carpet spotting, bathroom cleaning, septic tank maintenance and waste water treatment. Contains long lasting MCATM odor counteractant with pleasant fragrance. Product Color: Milky White; Sizing: 1qt, 1g, 5g, 55g