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Craft Laboratories sells floor machines & surface cleaners manufactured by some of our most trusted equipment affiliates. Whether you need an automatic scrubbing unit or a more versatile machine that will clean, strip, and polish, Craft Labs has a floor machine for you. The following models are currently in stock. Don’t see what you need? We can order it for you!


The BD 530 Compact Scrubber by Kärcher  is excellent for small to medium-sized areas has the highest price-performance ratio on the market. By mounting the battery to the machine instead of inside the chassis, the 530′ achieve 40% higher tank capacity, resulting in 40% increased area performance between emptying & refilling water tanks. The additional front wheel gives increased traction, while easy-to-use controls indicate the state of the battery charge & remaining operating hours. Rugged & competitively priced, the unit comes standard with a self-supporting chassis, fresh & dirty water tanks, and single unit mounting for fan & batteries. Unit tilts back slightly to relieve brush load; forward motion causes brush head to lower to floor. On-board charger means batteries can be charged on the fly. Simplified control panel contains only the suction fan and brush motor switches and the battery condition indicator.


The BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubber by Tornado® puts the power of automatic scrubbing in a compact package ready for virtually any hard floor surface. This corded electric unit, operates in forward & reverse with a 16″ scrubbing path at 660 RPMs, cleaning approximately 3,200 square feet per hour. Comes standard with brushes. Additional brushes & pads available for cleaning ceramic tile, quarry tile, paver brick, raised rubber disc floors, and other challenging surfaces. Removable two-chamber tank system. Adjustable brush pressure. Large, removable transport wheels. Solution & recovery tank are removable.


The P Series Electric Burnisher/Polisher  by Tornado®  is expertly balanced for ideal pad-to-floor pressure & sustained RPMs. Unlike other burnishers, the P Series provide total pad-to-floor contact, resulting in greater efficiency, speed, and overall cost savings. The P Series provide excellence in design, operator comfort, and unsurpassed burnishing performance. Patented rotational molded housing absorbs vibration & minimizes torque for easy operation & control. Heavy-duty 1.5 hp motor means low startup & operating amp draw and floating handle provides great maneuverability with no “flutter” or pull.


The P Series Floor Machine by Tornado® has it all when it comes to heavy-duty applications and is built for years of trouble-free operation & long-lasting performance. The patented, non-conductive one piece rotationally molded body is designed to absorb torque & vibration. The one piece base & motor housing ensure that wires & capacitors are completely enclosed, which extends machine durability, longevity & safety. All P Series Rotary Floor Machines have a triple planetary gear system and a 1.5 HP motor. Available in 17″ & 20″ models to maximize cleaning efficiency; minimize equipment downtime; and are offered at competitive prices.