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Craft Laboratories offers graffiti removal products from some of our most trusted affiliates. Whether you need an aggressive product for removing multi-layered paint tags from masonry surfaces, or a milder formula to use on smooth surfaces, Craft Labs has a graffiti removal product for you.



TAGINATOR® Graffiti Remover for Masonry from Equipment Trade Service Co. Inc., is a sprayable liquid that quickly dissolves graffiti by soaking through paint into masonry surfaces. TAGINATOR® is so effective there is no need to pre-coat masonry with sacrificial or permanent coatings and strong enough to easily remove multi-layered graffiti. Deep rinse additive allows graffiti to be easily pressure rinsed out of masonry pores, yet TAGINATOR® has a pleasant, fresh, clean scent. TAGINATOR® removes spray paint, latex paint, enamel paint and lacquer. Safe on brick, cinder block, slate, marble, granite, stucco, terra cotta, and other masonry surfaces. TAGINATOR® Graffiti Remover for Masonry is non-flammable and VOC compliant. Product Color: Brown; Sizing: 1qt, 1g, 5g, 6qt/case


TAGAWAY® Graffiti Remover for Smooth Surfaces from Equipment Trade Service Co. Inc., is  a water rinseable blend of biodegradable ingredients that safely removes graffiti from painted and smooth surfaces including most plastics. TAGAWAY® works fast and is effective even in below freezing temperatures.Simply spray on unsightly graffiti markings and wipe away. TAGAWAY® removes spray paint, markers, inks, crayon and more. Safe on smooth surfaces, lockers, trash bins, street signs, painted masonry, postal boxes, and many other surfaces. TAGAWAY® Graffiti Remover for Smooth Surfaces is non-flammable and VOC compliant. Product Color: Amber; Sizing: 1qt, 1g, 5g, 6qt/case