Ice Melt Compounds

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Craft Laboratories formulates & manufactures products to de-ice windshields. We also offer ice melt solutions from some of our most trusted affiliates. Whether you need an all-weather de-icer that works in sub-zero temperatures, or a commercial strength ice melter, Craft Labs has an ice melt compound for you.



Clear Melt Zero is a specially engineered liquid formula that quickly penetrates to dissolve frost, snow and ice accumulations from windshields. Our formula improves winter driving visibility by clearing ice & frost and preventing dangerous re-freeze from forming on windshields. Contains Methanol to ensure strong ice melting power; protects to -20° Fahrenheit and is usable at 0°. Product Color: Purple; Sizing: 55gIcon_Exclusive


THAW MASTER from EC Grow offers a fast, sustaining melting action due to three high-powered raw materials that combine to quickly generate heat & draw moisture from the air, which ensures a speedy thaw even at temperatures as low as -5° Fahrenheit. Bright green color makes spreading & placement easier because you can see exactly where product is scattering. Product Color: Green; Sizing: 50#