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Craft Laboratories offers a range of products that are formulated by our chemists locally in our Fort Wayne, Indiana labs and manufactured by our dedicated staff in our on-site plant. Our comprehensive product list includes everything from hand cleaner to truck wash; browse the categories below to find the best cleaning solution for you!

Chemicals & Cleaners

Craft laboratories supplies a wide range of chemicals & cleaners that are specifically formulated to remove dirt, dust, stains, bad smells and marks on surfaces. The majority of our chemicals & cleaners are manufactured in-house and many are environmentally friendly. Check our chemical & cleaner categories to find the right product line for you. Learn More…

Institutional & Industrial Supplies

In addition to providing a comprehensive line of chemicals & cleaning solutions Craft Laboratories also offers a wide range of institutional & industrial supplies & products. Check our institutional & industrial supply categories to find the maintenance or personal protection equipment necessary for your particular job. Learn More…